Fellow Alphanauts,

We are excited to announce the start of the bVault strategist competition! This will bring a new way for our community members to contribute to Boosted Finance and the long-term success of the project as we begin the next major wave of developments.

All strategy submissions will be eligible for addition on Boosted.Finance, with the top two winning prizes from a pool $3000 USDC and the implemented strategies to earn a performance fee from the rewards of the vault!

Below we also share a preliminary roadmap leading up to the end of January covering the implementation of bVaults…

Fellow Alphanauts,

Today marks the one month anniversary from our initial deployment of bVaults. During this time, we have limited the initial global deposit cap to $100,000 USDC to slowly test the system while our auditor continues reviewing the contracts, we are excited to see the traction so far with TVL constantly hovering at the cap!

We expect to share the preliminary report of our contracts next week with the community which will let us continue building upon new strategies and marketing opportunities for bVaults.

In this piece today we wanted to share our short-term vision for Boosted Finance, including…

Fellow Alphanauts,

The day is here — the bVaults release! bVaults are automated yield strategies that generate rewards that are distributed back to depositors in the form of an interest-bearing token.

The key difference between bVaults and the many other vaults out there is that the ‘boosters’ can be applied to vault rewards, allowing depositors to amplify their rewards and speculate on the yield of a particular strategy. Anyone can become a strategist and create a bVault with custom parameters.

The vision for Boosted Finance is simple and remains the same, we want to create a fully community-governed project that…

Fellow AlphaNauts,

We are proud to wrap up our Wave 3 and final distribution of BOOST tokens that was successful in doing so with the new booster mechanism and reaching our core goal of distributing the token in a fair manner.

Fellow AlphaNauts,

All funds in our Wave 3 contracts and system are safe with staking, withdrawing, claiming rewards, boosters functioning as normal. There is nothing affecting the current Wave 3 Distribution mechanism and this has been put together to be transparent with the community in our rigorous development process.

Even after the deployment of the V2 contracts, we continued extensive testing and internal audits with community contributors to ensure that the contracts were safe to use. The entire contributing team for Boosted Finance wanted to inform you of some smart contract bugs that have been discovered.

Here’s a breakdown of…

Fellow AlphaNauts,

We are just over two weeks old and have rallied over 1750+ AlphaNauts who have joined us on our Discord. Not to mention the outreach from various community figures on Crypto Twitter and some key ecosystem players looking to get involved — more on this when developments come to fruition!

This is an article to provide a quick overview on the Wave 3 Distribution details, changes to the booster mechanism

We apologise for the timing of the launch, as you may know, gas prices are at an all time high (once again). …

Fellow AlphaNauts,

Three and a half days from launch and we have rallied over 535 AlphaNauts on Discord. I said this on Twitter and I’m going to say it again, this has been an extremely humbling experience for all of us on the Boosted Finance team. We are ready to dedicate more time, more resources, more effort on all fronts to bring long-term viability and recurring reward streams to BOOST token holders as well as the project’s overall sustainability.

With over $52M locked up, healthy treasury growth and most importantly of all — a community of highly intellectual, loyal and…

Fellow AlphaNauts,

We are deeply humbled by your support. It’s only been two days but it feels like an eternity already. If you’re new here and wondering, what the heck is this Boosted Finance project bringing rocket-fuelled yield to over $12,500,000 total value locked up — check out our introductory post here:

We are making it our absolute priority to be transparent and ensure that everyone is equally informed of the developments as they roll out. …

This is a tutorial on how to participate in Boosted Finance using Etherscan:

How to stake tokens into the genesis pools

Approve token

  1. Select the token you would like and take note of the corresponding token address from the list below. Go to https://etherscan.io/address/[token address]











2. Go to Write Contract

3. Scroll down and find the Approve section

This is a tutorial on how to participate in Boosted Finance:

  • How to stake tokens into genesis pools
  • How to claim farmed Boost
  • How to buy booster
  • How to unstake tokens from the genesis pools
  • How to stake tokens into the Boost pool

How to stake tokens into the genesis pools

1. Go to https://boosted.finance/

2. Click on the UNLOCK WALLET green bar at the bottom of the page.

Boosted Finance

🚀 Equally fair #DeFi protocol with compounded value generation for stakeholders

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