🚀 Boosted Finance: Post-Wave 3 Distribution, First bVault, Future Roadmap

Fellow AlphaNauts,

We are proud to wrap up our Wave 3 and final distribution of BOOST tokens that was successful in doing so with the new booster mechanism and reaching our core goal of distributing the token in a fair manner.

Token Distribution of BOOST

👉 Note: The top two addresses are the Uniswap BOOST/ETH Liquidity Pool & staked BOOST in the governance contract

There have been many questions on the utility of the BOOST token post-distribution. BOOST will be critical in sustaining the long-term usage of the products under Boosted.Finance as well as providing liquidity to such products. Here is an early overview of the different utilities of the BOOST token:

With the first step in our journey complete, our team is completely focused on the development of bVaults and utility of the BOOST token. The team will also be sharing fortnightly updates to consistently communicate with our community while covering development progress.

To kick things off — we have shared some exciting details on what you can expect in October.

First bVault Release

Boost Vaults are not a clone of yVaults or 1:1 fork of another protocol — this wouldn’t make sense and our team would be doing a disservice to the other projects out there by diluting APYs and vampire attacking to steal liquidity. Here’s the summary of the key differentials of bVaults:

Due to the unique and original nature of bVaults, this means that the development process is far more intricate and we are working with a security audit firm to release a new product onto the market that is secure and can add consistent value to BOOST token holders and vault depositors.

Releasing an Alpha Version of bVault

Pickle Barry

We have heard and listened to the community who are eagerly waiting for the product release. For this reason we have decided to fast track an alpha release of bVaults and also hosting a strategy design competition for our community.

What if you could earn yield from three different sources by farming one of the leading and most reputable projects out there? That’s right — PICKLE.

Boosted Finance will be releasing a PICKLE vault which you can earn yield from three different sources:

This is targeted to release in the upcoming week while our team continues to work with auditors on the full release of bVaults which will include hurdle rates and differentials covered earlier.

👉 Note: As an alpha product, this vault will be unaudited and serve as an experiment for booster mechanisms in bVaults for the team to optimize come the official launch. So please proceed with your own due diligence.

Vault Strategist Competition

Our community is the most valuable and strongest asset we have as seen in discussions and most recently, the engagement in our logo competition. For this reason, we want to award contributors for their efforts and will propose a competition for vault strategies.

More details to be released on this soon, for now, prepare your best vault strategies and discuss within our Discord.


Future Roadmap

While we are releasing the first version of bVaults to the public soon, there is a long road to realize and experiment with DeFi products that implements different types of Booster mechanisms. We remain committed to building a strong product suite and community.

For now, we have tentatively planned our product releases into three phases:

Please keep in mind these are only the ideas from the core contributing team and we are always open to suggestions from our community. If there is a mutual agreement to move forward, an official governance proposal can always be submitted to steer the direction of the protocol.

By completing the three phases, we aim to reach a fully community-governed and developed protocol with a strong foundation.

🚀 Equally fair #DeFi protocol with compounded value generation for stakeholders

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